Event detail
International Summer Dance Cup
SportsHall of Gyal / Gyál Sportcsarnok
UPDF Hungary

We are inviting dancers from all around the world to come together and compete in the high-quality UPDF Dance Fest! Director of the competition Bela Kiraly Entry fee in the competition notice WhatsApp: +36 70 356 4911 Any information info.updf@gmail.com


You can enter productions in the following categories at the International Summer Dance Cup competition: Hip Hop Lyrical Modern Contemporary Show Dance Majorette Acro Dance Open Free Performance Modern PRO ( Improvisation+solo choreo ) Lyrical PRO ( Improvisation+solo choreo )

# Category Type of event
1. Hip Hop Solo B Individual
2. Hip Hop Solo A Individual
3. Hip Hop Duo/Trio B Duo / Trio
4. Hip Hop Group B Group
5. Hip Hop Duo/Trio A Duo / Trio
6. Hip Hop Group A Group
7. Hip Hop Formation B Formation
8. Hip Hop Formation A Formation
9. Acro Dance Solo B Individual
10. Acro Dance Formation Formation
11. Acro Dance Solo A Individual
12. Acro Dance Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
13. Acro Dance Group Group
14. Dance Show Solo B Individual
15. Dance Show Formation Formation
16. Dance Show Solo A Individual
17. Dance Show Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
18. Dance Show Group Group
19. Open Solo B Individual
20. Open Solo A Individual
21. Open Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
22. Open Group Group
23. Open Formation Formation
24. Modern Solo Individual
25. Modern Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
26. Modern Group Group
27. Modern Formation Formation
28. Contemporary Solo Individual
29. Contemporary Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
30. Contemporary Group Group
31. Contemporary Formation Formation
32. Lyrical Solo Individual
33. Lyrical Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
34. Lyrical Group Group
35. Lyrical Formation Formation
36. Mazsorett Solo Pom-Pom Individual
37. Mazsorett Solo Bot/Twirling Individual
38. Mazsorett Duo/Trio Duo / Trio
39. Mazsorett Group Group
40. Mazsorett Formation Formation
41. Free Performance FPFormáció
42. Modern PRO Solo Individual
43. Lyrical PRO Solo Individual
44. Kortárs PRO Solo Individual
45. Acro Dance Solo C Individual